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    Currently, in odoo there are no options for "Quality Control" so do not worry about that, here we build a module that will help you to manage the quality of your products. Nowadays all business have to import and export products, So you can receive goods(products) via transportation. Transportation increases the likelihood of goods being damaged. Thats why you need to check product quality while you receiving or delivering products. Good quality control helps companies meet consumer demand with better products. This module will help you to analyze data of product quality checks. Also you can assign multiple products with multiple operations in one quality point.

    Advance Features

    • 1) Assing More then one poduct in one Quality Points
    • 2) Assing More then one operations in one Quality Points
    • 3) Easy to allow quality check test results.
    • 4) Perform QC Test products wise and globally wise quality print

    • Features

      • 1) There are two security groups for Quality Control 1. Manager 2. User.
      • 2) Fully functional dashboard.
      • 3) Easy to set the team to manage a particular type of product.
      • 4) Easy to analyze product quality data using pivot and pdf reports.
      • 5) Easy to define the maximum number of quality checking. If you set '0' it means that the product quality checking has no limit.
      • 6) Set Quality Control mandatory for a particular product in a single click.
      • 7) Easy to create quality points for required products.
      • 8) Easy to create quality alert stages with approver.
      • 9) There are 4 different types of quality control...
        1. Text: The quality controller will have to add a description(text) about product quality control.
        2. Measurement: The quality controller will have to add the measurements as product quality.
        3. Pass and Fail: The quality controller will have to just select product quality that is passed or failed.
        4. Take a Picture: The quality controller will have to add the pictures which represent the quality of the product.
      • 10) There are different alert messages after quality checks like...
        1. Product Quality Control Passed.
        2. Product Quality Control Failed.
        3. Product Quality Control Still Pending.
        4. Product Quality Control Complete with Some Products Partially Passed.
      • 11) Easy to do quality checking globally in operation form view. Also, you can perform quality checks manually from the operation line.
      • 12) Easy to do quality alert globally in operation form view. Also, you can perform quality alerts manually from the operation line for each product.
      • 13) Easy to access 'Quality Check' and 'Quality Alert' list into picking form view.
      • 14) This is user friendly. Users can access Pending QC, Passed QC, Partially Passed QC, Failed QC in a separate menu.
      • 15) Pivot report for 'Quality Check' and 'Quality Alerts'.
      • 16) Easy to print PDF report of 'Quality Check' with different filters like product-wise, group by with picking the type, products, and with status also.
      • 17) Easy to print PDF report of 'Quality Alerts' with different filters like product-wise, responsible person, and stages.
      • 18) Easy to set email alias for quality alerts.
      • 19) This application fluently work with multiple company.


      1) You will receive the link to download the zip file of the module please download it.

      2) Extract the zip file, you will see a folder named ‘sh_inventory_qc_adv’.

      3) Copy and paste this folder inside your Odoo Addons path / Custom Addons Path.

      4) Now, open the odoo as Developer Mode.

      5) Go to Apps menu and click on ‘Update Modules List’, Press Update Button.

      6) In the search bar, search ‘sh_inventory_qc_adv’.

      7) Click on ‘Install’ to install it.