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This module allow you create milestone in project, easy to manage different milestone for your project. milestone wise task management.  

List of Features

Easy to manage milestones in project.

Easy to manage task in milestones. 

Milestone Manager Access rights need to give.

Easy to filter expired milestones.

Milestone in project reporting analysis.


Set Milestone Manager Permission to User

Project that are set to "Is Milestone" accessible to Project Milestone,Smart Button "Milestone" Count show No. of Milestone related to that Project.

Milestone that are "In Progress" State are available to Task.

Create Milestone and select related Project,Smart Button "Task" show No. of Task related to that Milestone.

Milestone List with Expire Milestone Filter.

On Smart button click "Milestone" inside Project,redirect to related Milestone List.

On Smart button click "Task" count inside Milestone,redirect to related Tasks List.

Task Analysis Pivot Report with Milestone added.

Help & Support

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