Python/PHP Project Manager

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  • As part of the healers team, as project manager, your primary role would be to take full responsibility for the success of a project from beginning to end.

    You will lead the requirement gathering, review the project cost & time estimation, and regularly take client input to seal the deal

    Managing project risks and ensuring successful project delivery and implementation will require you to schedule assignments, monitor, review, and report on project status regularly.

    Motivate and inspire team members through effective and timely feedback and recognition for high performance, and coach and create a vision for the team.

    Oversee acquisition of resources and materials as needed before and during projects by talking with customers, team members, managers, and in-house accountants and negotiating price and payment agreements with vendors.


    The ability to design the domain of the project in a professional manner.

    Proficiency with at least one web development language, such as PHP and Python.

    Excellent understanding and working knowledge of Agile development practices.

    Design and develop automated deployment and maintenance mechanisms

    Have excellent knowledge of different data structures and algorithms

    Strong foundation in Python, PHP, and JS, with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms, Operating Systems, and software design

    Excellence in GitHub/GitLab CI/CD

    Basic knowledge of event-based systems using Kafka, SQS or RabbitMQ

    Basic Skills

    Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

    Planning and organizing


    Fluent Communication skills

    Influencing and leading




    Conflict management


    Note: Softhealer Not Provide Work From Home / Remote Work