Taxjar Connector

Taxjar - Odoo Connector

Taxjar is cloud-based sales tax automation for those who have nexus in states. One more thing, if you have nexus in states and you are familiar with the odoo ERP solution. But unfortunately, in odoo, there is no any feature to manage your sales tax with nexus states. So don't worry our this application will help you to manage your sales tax calculation with taxjar. Just connect your taxjar account with your odoo ERP and that's it.

Hot Features

One-click Setup
Easy to Import Categories
Easy to Import Nexus States
Auto Import Sales Tax
Auto Tax applied in Sale Quotation
Set Taxjar Categories in Products
Set Taxjar Categories in Customer
Easy to delete transactions/refunds
Auto Tax Added in Sale Order


Easy to config taxjar with odoo.

No more configurations required.

Easy to import nexus states and categories in one click.

Easy to manage customer invoice and credit notes as well.

Easy to set taxjar categories in odoo products categories and categories inside the individual products as well.

Easy to delete the customer invoice and customer credit notes entries from odoo to taxjar.