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    We earned TRUST across all seven seas.

    The only thing that matters in business and in life is RELATIONSHIP.

    Melchers is a group of companies based in Germany. They believe in "Because successful businesses are based on trust". Softhealer is connected to one of them, 'Melchers Component'. Their focus is on enabling small and medium-sized businesses to source globally risk-free. We have been working with Melchers for around two years. As a result of that long relationship, his Asia business manager, Moritz Koehler, decided to meet us in person. We were eagerly waiting for this meeting.

    Client Satisfied
    About Business Meeting

    Beyond a coworking space with Melchers

    Only excellent customer service is not the job done, It is the personality of our company and the reason customers come back. We know our customers are raving fans when good news spreads about our business. We believe raving fans are better than any internet marketing.

    Talk Of the Healers

    The Moment when we get our first Feedback in our company visit

    It is a joyous moment to get priceless feedback about our services and company from Melchers. We are very excited about this moment since it is the first time it happens in the age of softhealer.

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    A Little Bit of Everything

    Get lots of energy and
    lots of knowledge in this gossip

    In this general talk we discuss our culture and work habits and so many things with Moritz. Moritz also asked lots of questions regarding our culture, especially because he is impressed with our office culture and our work ethics. For more info please watch the video.

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