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    Gir Trip

    One of the best places to spend a weekend is "Gir Resort". Live in nature and feel nature's beauty!

    Corporate Levels, Ayodhya Chowk
    Somnath Temple
    Journey Date
    07/01/2023 - 08/01/2023
    Saturday - Sunday
    Jan 07
    We have started our journey from the Rajkot office.
    Jan 07
    First, we go to the khodaldham temple and take holy vibes.
    Jan 07
    After khodaldham temple, we reached our destination.
    Jan 08
    On the second day, we visited the Somnath Mahadev temple.
    Jan 08
    After the Somnath temple visit, we return to Rajkot.

    Gir Trip With Softhealer Family

    We started our journey early in the morning, Before we reached Sasan Gir we decided to spend a few hours at khodaldham. The spiritual environment of khodaldham took our hearts away. Though Sasan Gir is only 90km away from Khodaldham Journey took almost 2 hours. During the travel time, we played games and shared some interesting stories with each other.


    Activities & Games

    Our Best Memories

    Work Anniversary Celebration

    We celebrated our 5 employees work anniversary they completed 1 year in softhealer(Vishva Ma'am, Viraj Sir, Kishan Sir, Megha Ma'am & Dishant Sir). We cut the cake and played Garba with the whole staff at night.

    Jingalala Hu Hu- African Dance

    We have enjoyed Jingalala Hu Hu- African Dance. On our day one we have stayed at gir resort, the whole experience was magical. A perfect end to our first day in sasan gir.

    Pilgrimage Tour - Somnath Temple

    Our day 2 begun with "Shree Somnath Jyotirling Temple". Somnath is first among the twelve jyotirlinga shrines of shiva. It is one of the best beach for its beautifully sparkling waves. You will find many interesting clothes, handcrafted jewellery, bags and so much more in bazar. We tried delicious local fruits there.

    HR Team

    Gir Jungle Safari was an exciting and unforgettable experience for us. It was a dream come true to see this trip realized after months of planning. A group of healers decided to spend two days exploring the Gir forest's wildlife and nature. Planning a trip alone can bring softhealer family members closer together and strengthen their bonds. The memories we made will last a lifetime.