Navratri Celebration

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    Blessings Of Goddess Durga

    Why do Indian people celebrate Navratri? We celebrate Navratri because in those days celebrate the victory of 'Durga Mata over Mahishasura”. We have decorated our office and played garba together with all softhealer family. Our hearts happy after seeing these pictures. It's a funny and most memorable movement for all healers.

    Celebrate Navratri With Happiness And Blessings

    All About Traditions

    We take so many pictures together in traditional clothes, there are some photos of people playing Garba, it’s really wonderful.

    Light Up Our Lives

    The photos done, let’s turn to another movement now, think what is it? Think think! Now it’s time to play garba together.

    Wonderfull Memories

    We all healers prayed to Goddess Durga together in those nine days of Navratri. It's a most memorable movement.